Website SEO


We utilise a team of professionals in website development headed by Mat bright, our experience collectively spans decades of experience in developing websites which consistantly achieve first place or very high placements in search engine results for their chosen or relevant keyword search terms. Whilst we are a UK based operation, we have been providing this service globally since 2003.

Website SEO

Expertise in Search Engine Optimisation is actually quite rare, a full understanding of the Google Algorythm for instance is a very difficult thing for webmasters to fully grasp. Achieving front page or even first place for your preferred phrases is not a simple process. There is a need to go so deep into your website, from looking into the right coding to be used in individual web pages to proper placement of image and text content.

Google Optimisation

We specialise in achieving those search engine rankings, focusing on our extensive knowledge and understanding of the Google Algorythm, we’ll study your site and give clear and detailed advice on how to attain those elusive top placements. From adjusting and fine tuning your website code, to correctly placing keywords within your website pages and content, and to structuring your web site which will all work towards achieving placements at the top for your all of your key search terms.

We are able to tap into Google’s complex tools and developer services to research the best keyword phrases to use for your content, thereby bringing the higher volumes of visitors seeking your content via Google as is possible. We’ll study the historical trends of your key terms over the last 7 years and we’ll even study your main competitor to construct an effective campaign of action to beat them in the search engines.

Internet Marketing

Top placement in Search Engines should be a key part of any website’s marketing on the Internet. But let’s be realistic about this, if you wanted to beat Goolge in a search for Goolge, you are just not going to achieve that. Ont he other hand, if your business and website operate in a particular or niche market then you need an SEO professional. It is a very complex subject requiring a very detailed and systematic approach, but one which can reap immense rewards in terms of volume of website visitors, branding, marketing and spreading the word.

Professional SEO

We do not and never have used so called blackhat SEO techniques, we are fully aware of spamming rules and all the things that can get your site kicked out of search engine results. The benefit of using TamDigital as your SEO specialists will ensure that you are taken very seriously by the search engines. Your content will be considered preferential and over time your website will reap the rewards of engaging a wider, as well as a focused, audience.

We can produce clear and detailed documentary advice on what you need to do and we can also implement a SEO strategy into your website for you. We can go all the way from altering your website structure to re-coding and to enhancing your content. We’ll even rebuild your entire website if you want.

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